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The Testing Procedures:

The Factory have hundreds of tests that are used to determine purity, potence and quality of the materials and end products all of which utilize state of the art equipment which ensures complete accuracy.


Product Testing:

At any point during production a product may be tested. If it doesn't meet regulation standard the batch is immediately withdrawn and in the final stages of production the product must undergo the final quality control procedures before it may receive the 'pass' grading which releases it for sale.


Repeated Checks:

As well as the standard checks the raw materials and finished products are tested for heavy metal content. In recent years there has been a significant problem with the underground Factory's producing poor quality products that are filled with toxic heavy metals. This is because they are no licensed and therefore under no obligation to test for these; when you buy cheap products - you pay the price with your health.

While the level of heavy metals found in the raw materials may be acceptable, once it has been mixed with other compounds and reactions taken place these levels can change. Testing throughout the production process therefore ensures our Factory only ever release the safest and most effective compounds.

  • Wuhan Yuancheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Standard:ISO 9001:2008


    Issue Date:2014-05-08

    Expiry Date:2017-05-07

    Scope/Range:Pharmaceutical Intermediates

  • Wuhan Yuancheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Standard:Business Licence


    Issue Date:2009-12-11

    Expiry Date:2019-12-10

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